For Community Members

As a member of your community, you have the opportunity to advocate for students in your district or state to have improved access to personal finance education. Use your experience or position in the community to advocate on your own or to form a coalition of other community members to advocate for this critical piece of legislation. Your voice as a constituent and concerned citizen is important to leaders and policymakers. Use our resources to write a letter, push for legislation, or gather a coalition of other concerned citizens. Your advocacy could improve the education for students throughout your community!

Form a Coalition

Any advocacy campaign will be most effective with a group involved. Work with students, other teachers, school officials, and any other members of the community who may be interested. Look for people outside your school who may also be interested in participating – parents, members of the business community, community advocacy groups, other student groups in the area. You may be able to join forces with others to amplify your voice.


Use our resources to be an active citizen and work to improve education for your community. You can write a letter, make a call, visit with policymakers, or advocate in other ways to amplify your message.

Find your State

Every two years, the Council for Economic Education publishes the Survey of the States, detailing the status of personal finance and economic education in each state. Learn if your state has a course requirement, standards, or testing for personal finance.