For Teachers

As a teacher, you have a great opportunity to advocate for your students and to get them involved. Your voice is critical as a representative of your students’ best interests. It is also a fantastic learning opportunity for you and your students to get them engaged. Use the resources on this page to identify ways to engage on your own, with other teachers, or with your students. You are the best advocate for your students’ financial education!

Form a Coalition

Any advocacy campaign will be most effective with a group involved. Work with students, other teachers, school officials, and any other members of the community who may be interested. Look for people outside your school who may also be interested in participating – parents, members of the business community, community advocacy groups, other student groups in the area. You may be able to join forces with others to amplify your voice.

Activate your Students

Your students can be the best advocates for their own futures. Getting involved in advocacy is a great hands-on way for your students to learn about the political process and the power of their voices. Use the resources here to get your students activated and organized.

Find your State

Every two years, the Council for Economic Education publishes the Survey of the States, detailing the status of personal finance and economic education in each state. Learn if your state has a course requirement, standards, or testing for personal finance.

Ask for Support

Feel free to reach out to CEE or find affiliated organizations in your state for support. We are happy to support you in your work and are thrilled to have you interested in advocating for these critical courses!