Sponsor Professional Development in Your State!

The FinEd50 coalition was created to combine the resources and activism of partners across different industries to support efforts to expand financial education across the country. Founding members CEE and VISA created a coalition of non-profit organizations, researchers, corporate partners, and professional organizations, and together launched nationwide advocacy efforts. Our work thus far has consisted of finding individual approaches in each of our focus states to help them expand access to financial education. In the last two years, we have seen nine more states create additional personal finance requirements.  

As the support for financial education has grown, FinEd50 has prioritized professional development efforts in states with new education requirements and states where we have been actively advocating. We’ve seen more and more states consider creating personal finance requirements, but many educators, legislators and communities are concerned about creating additional burdens on teachers. Understanding this concern, we have always been clear that FinEd50 supports teacher professional development and advocacy simultaneously. To date, we have been able to fund training in Oklahoma, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Montana. 

To expand our efforts, we have launched sponsorship opportunities that allow local organizations and corporations to fund professional development in their states. Our sponsorship tiers include bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels to allow partners of all sizes to contribute to funding professional development. As one of our founding partners, the Council for Economic Education and our national network of master teachers and affiliated organizations will be spearheading professional development efforts that are funded through this new initiative. If you are interested in learning more about these sponsorship opportunities, please contact Chelsea Rose at crose@councilforeconed.org.