Welcoming Step to the FinEd50 Coalition!  

The FinEd50 coalition has welcomed another new partner to the team! We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Step, the leading mobile banking platform, on a mission to improve the financial futures of the next generation. We are excited to welcome our first fintech partner to the coalition. As a coalition, we wanted […]

Welcoming the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) to the FinEd50 Coalition! 

We are excited to welcome another member to the FinEd50 coalition. This new partnership will further expand our advocacy network to include credit unions across the country. As a coalition, we find it imperative to ensure that every state we work in has the local partnerships needed to ensure a smooth transition to further financial […]

Sponsor Professional Development in Your State!

The FinEd50 coalition was created to combine the resources and activism of partners across different industries to support efforts to expand financial education across the country. Founding members CEE and VISA created a coalition of non-profit organizations, researchers, corporate partners, and professional organizations, and together launched nationwide advocacy efforts. Our work thus far has consisted […]